We supply and install metal for heating and air conditioning, furnace replacements including commercial and residential applications.

Architectural sheet metal products, including cladding, metal roofing, flashing supply and installation. We work in partnership with busy roofing companies, busy hvac companies, new house builds, retrofit installs and direct sales.

 Heating and  air conditioning load calculations, supply and installation, no pressure quotes, architectural sheet metal

( roofs / walls ) and High Quality New Metal Roof projects.


Roofing  and HVAC are the most expensive aspects of your build, or renovation, and we are your friends who can do it efficiently, safe, and for a fair price.

Sized right, and air tight.

we install

Natural Gas and Propane Furnaces // Typical Heat Pumps // Mini split including Ductless and Ducted

Victoria B.C


No charge

No obligation quotes



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